Gordon Lightfoot at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

Gordon Lightfoot Tickets

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium | Asheville, North Carolina

Country music’s finest performer returns to Asheville, North Carolina when Gordon Lightfoot takes the iconic Thomas Wolfe Auditorium stage on Monday 17th February 2020 for a live show. This brings one of country music’s most second to none stars for a show that audiences will likely never forget. The raw talent and unforgettable stage presence of Gordon Lightfoot is sure to make new fans from the moment their first song begins, while long time fans will fall in love all over again by the time the curtains close. This could be the must-see event of 2020 for anyone who loves country music. If you don’t want to miss out, click the Buy Tickets button below.

Gordon Lightfoot at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

What’s the place for your next country music experience? Just in case you haven’t figured out the answer yet (or looking for a shortcut to upgrade your experience), we’ve got an idea for you. Thomas Wolfe Auditorium has a proven track record of welcoming premier country music celebs to their stage who have a long history of delivering 5-star shows and events. The clear acoustics together with the carefully engineered lighting of the stage guarantees that you will have nothing but the finest experience from every angle in the venue. After you enjoy all this plus the renowned customer service the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium staff provides, you can continue your evening out with a short walk to the epic bar and restaurant options waiting still right around the corner. When it comes to incredible concert venues, Thomas Wolfe Auditorium is the gold standard in Asheville, North Carolina.

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